New year, new mud…..

One step at a time...
One step at a time…

Woodland path, nearly finished but as you can see it’s a bit like a bad weekend at Glastonbury at the mo…. waiting for the flood waters to retreat.

Fortunately there’s plenty of pruning and training to be done. In fact it’s round about now that I like to balance precariously up a tall ladder and wave my secateurs at those wild wisterias… know, the impossibly high ones trying to run away over the rooftops…..

St Bridgets Nursery in Exeter

Another winter job is planting field-grown trees. I’ve been busy browsing tree manuals and visiting nurseries, and generally procrastinating (ie.e staying out of the rain) while trying to decide on the perfect specimen tree for a client’s hillside garden. As it’ll be in prime position it needs to do alot for the money….give us spring blossom, autumn colour, winter structure – not much to ask for then.  Think it might be this..–Kursar-

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