A modern potager…

Roman House013

Beds that follow the contours of the garden….


Who says raised beds have to be all squared off? These angular, tapered beds were designed to line up with the non-perpendicular geometry of the surrounding buildings and walls.

They’re also incorporated into a gently stepped terrace which leads out onto the main lawned area of the garden.

Built to my design with the talented Ed of Green Man Tree and Garden Services for my lovely client Sam, who needed a more manageable kitchen garden.

Previously a slippery slope, now an elegant terrace









Roman House06


4 thoughts on “A modern potager…

  1. Alice, you did a wonderful job with our garden. I even enjoy weeding these days! We have so enjoyed our garden this Summer, growing all varieties of veg & flowers. It is a real asset and I know every season will bring new ideas & creativity as it evolves. Thank you so much. X

  2. Hi Alice, Very good. One suggestion – you replace the snap of the last photo with a photo taken with the light similar as in the Before photo. It doesn’t quite seem the same place because of the shadows. Otherwise your display looks strong, durable and attractive. Of course, the newness will wear off in time which will soften the sharp outlines and, in my eyes, improve the overall effect. Well done. Love – Dad.

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