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deck1-low-resHere’s a town garden I designed in Exmouth earlier this year. The client is busy working full time and wanted a low-to-no maintenance outside space to entertain friends and soak up the sun.

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The garden was on a slope with no level space for a table and chairs. The first step was to create two decked seating areas, to catch the morning and the evening sun.  I chose a simple geometric look that uses a series of right-angled axes across and down the garden.

Before and after from the other end of the garden…..

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The existing flower beds were ramshackle and overgrown, so we replaced these with raised ‘tiered’ beds and a simple planting scheme with a Mediterranean feel, using lavenders, bay lollipops and prostrate rosemary. (These also have the benefit of only needing minimal attention…..)


The south-facing deck gives a nice elevated view over the garden (but importantly, not into the neighbours plot!). I used a 3d package to illustrate how all the relative heights would work.


Thanks to Simon Aplin Landscaping who braved the February elements (including sleet, snow and high winds) while building the garden!


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  1. Hmm. Commendably simple, pleasing. Wooden raised beds not my choice, but well constructed. Nice fencing. Dadly David.

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