Making an entrance…

This week is all about entrances and exits. Or as fancy builders would say…access and egress.

A rose arch made by bending the soft stems which then become the woody framework..

But in a garden, they become more than functional; there’s the promise of a big reveal, or an unexpected view. or the mystery of what’s around the corner…….

Teetering on the right side of untidy….

So I love making more of an entrance, through the addition of planting (climbing roses are great for this) or hard structures. This one’s waiting for the climbers planted below to creep up and colonise the posts.

Frame the view

Pergolas, arches, pillars and bowers all help to mark the end of one space and the start of another. But sometimes all it needs is a well-placed plant….

Gunnera curling over a path


And I’ve been busy making another kind of entrance this week, into Dorset magazine, contributing to an article about favourite local haunts.

In Dorset? I thoroughly recommend it….

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