The hanging gardens of Tiverton…

Well that’s the plan, anyway….

Thankfully the rainy season seems to have passed (I know, I’ve jinxed it now haven’t I?) and work is progressing well on this sunny but very steep site in Tiverton.  I was asked by my lovely client Eleanor to try and work out how to manage the pathways and planting, over a 4 metre drop spanning a run of 11 metres (believe me that’s a steep garden!).

Here’s progress so far…

Now where’s the allan key for this…?

Our clever builders, Julian and Chris of MD Hawkins in Taunton, used steel joists fixed vertically to hold the retaining sleeper walls in in place, and each course is lined with impermeable membrane to protect the timber against rot.  There was a slight sense of urgency as the existing retaining walls were beginning to lean alarmingly towards the house….(here’s what it looked like before…)

Before…note the alarming bulge….
Down we go….

The walkways and steps will be graveled, and the soft landscaping will feature prostrate rosemary, palms, japanese fountain grass and phormiums to give a lush subtropical feel and soften the stark walling with tumbling greenery…..


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  1. What an exciting challenge and very well constructed! Can’t wait to see the softness of the planting next year….

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