Love shack, baby.

Bilbo! Yer dinner’s ready…..


Isn’t this just the nicest shed? Sam wanted some space away from the house for creative work, so had this lovely outbuilding installed. She asked me to come up with a planting plan and pathway design to incorporate the building into the garden, blending it in to some of the existing mature planting around the garden.


Bamboos and fan palms were added around the existing tree ferns, to provide a year-round subtropical feel where the land slopes away behind the shed to a shaded stream.

In front the aspect is west facing and sunny, so we’ve incorporated grasses, nepeta, lavender and juniper to bask in the hot sun, while bronze coloured phormiums, red cannas, and purple pittosporum will provide a vibrant contrast to to the blue detailing on the shed.

Pink flamingos for that touch of class…



1 thought on “Love shack, baby.

  1. Very cute. Makes you want to nose inside!

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