Fearful symmetry….

Here’s a recently completed garden with two identical square(ish) beds, divided by a path running down the centre. It sits directly below a raised patio terrace, so it’s mainly seen from above – what better outlook for a modern knot garden?!

View from the terrace,,,
View from the plan!

In such a symmetrical space, it made sense to use some strong repetition with plant shapes – hence the central circles of sage, lines of lavender and hebe hedging, and a mirroring of nepeta and cotton lavender either side of the path.

But there are also subtle differences in the planting too – one side features 3 Euphorbias, while in the same place on the other side are 3 Hydrangea ‘Limelight’  – who’s late summer/autumn blooms are a seasonal counterpoint to the Euphorbia’s spring flowerheads.




In this ideal south-facing sheltered site, It was fun creating such a mixed border, which features everything from topiary, climbers, grasses, herbs, shrubs and perennials…..amazing what you can pack into a small space…



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  1. Cheers chuck but I cant see the log thingys ??


  2. The garden looks stunning!!

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