A corner-piece

The house at this site was being extended and upgraded to include a new patio, just round the corner and at a right angle from the existing one. A planting plan was needed to tie the two spaces together, using colours and textures which would complement the blue-grey-buff tones of the Purbeck stone walling.

From plan to ground….

One of the main requirements from the client was to keep a view over the top of the patio to the field gate beyond, so the planting is mainly low-growing, rockery-type plants, but leading around the corner to a more Mediterranean style which incorporates the existing olive tree.

Plenty of places to sit and follow the sun.

Before, as a building site…

And after work was completed….

2 thoughts on “A corner-piece

  1. Lynne and Tony Chalk May 29, 2020 — 10:18 am

    Alice that looks a stunning and tranquil garden, you’ve created a lovely space in which to relax.

    1. Thanks Lynne, I hope your garden is still giving you lots of pleasure – keep up the watering!

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