Coastal creatures

This property on the cliff above Lyme Regis has a lovely open view towards Golden Cap, but therefore gets the full brunt of the easterlies. So the planting scheme had to withstand the salty exposure as well as cope with being on a dry bank. Three years on and the Euphorbias are the star in early summer, happily self seeding and filling out the space along with Phormiums and prostrate rosemary. This mainly evergreen scheme has seasonal highlights with flowering rosemary and hebe, and sprinkled annuals such as Californian poppies.

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  1. Hi there

    Thanks for this. There are some stunning pix here Alice.

    Thank you also for your note re Bulmershe FB group. I joined it and another which was called Bulmershe Friends I think. Anyhow, discovered that Harold Silver, the Principal when I was there – and presumably same guy for you, died very recently and his funeral was last Friday!

    Hope all well with you and the family.

    Karen x


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