Water features for gardens

Designing water into gardens and courtyards

An elegant fountain, a sheet of tumbling water, or a calm pool…..the cooling effect of water has never been more desirable than during this summer’s heatwave.

A well thought out water feature can be a fantastic addition to any outside space, and if incorporated at the design stage can work almost anywhere – from small back yards to large gardens.

Even in the smallest of gardens, there’s normally room for a wall mounted fountain, water bowl or trough. It all depends on the specific requirements of each unique space. Is it to be bold and overt, or hidden and secret? Will it be seen from the house? And how does it sit with the rest of the landscaping. These are all the issues to be considered.

What’s the difference between a formal pool and wildlife pond? Formal pools tend to be symmetrical, while wildlife ponds are often irregular and will normally have a beached area that slopes down into the water, to allow amphibians and insects to crawl in and out easily.

But that distinction doesn’t have to be hard and fast. Many formal ponds will also attract wildlife. Tadpoles and newts in spring, mayflies and dragonflies in the summer….and there’s always the local birdlife too which will enjoy the access to water. I once discovered a duck in my back garden, who had a paddle around our little pond before flying off…

Water features do require a little maintenance to to keep at their best. For smaller fountains and pools, this is can be easily done by hand, while for larger ponds, automated systems may be required. This is all discussed and planned in at the design stage, and doesn’t have to be overwhelming! For advice on how to include a water feature into your garden, please contact me on 07808 585682

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