Design and Planning

My design work includes both soft and hard landscaping, and ranges from simple planting plans, say for a single bed or border, to architectural scaled plan drawings, models and visualisations for larger or more complex projects involving built structures such as pathways, patios and terracing. The plan can be used to commission landscapers and builders, and by clients who want to carry out the work themselves.

Landscaping plans:

‘Southdown’ with 3D visualisations


‘Clouds Hill’ with 3D visualisations

AM Gardens_Clouds Hill patio pond_low res

‘West Marches’ with 3D visualisations

AM Gardens_West Marches_Garden plan low res

‘Hillhead Orchard’ with 3D visualisations

AM Gardens_Hillhead_Garden Plan low re.

Planting plans:

Design of special features

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