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Design and Planning

My design work includes both soft and hard landscaping, and ranges from simple planting plans, say for a single bed or border, to architectural scaled plan drawings, models and visualisations for larger or more complex projects involving built structures such as pathways, patios and terracing.

The Design Process:

The garden design process starts with a meeting and discussion to establish a brief for the site. This is followed by a site survey and analysis to measure the plot and establish any geographical and environmental considerations.

A rough concept design follows, with client review and input, which is then developed into a final Master plan. This establishes the overall layout of the garden, including all areas of hard landscaping, new features, paths, walls, steps, overall areas of planting and any specimen or featured plants.

Written specifications and technical drawings are produced where needed for accurate quoting and construction.  Detailed planting plans and schedules are produced for implementation once the build is completed.

Master plan samples:

Planting design:

Design of special features

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