Making an entrance…

This week is all about entrances and exits. Or as fancy builders would say…access and egress. But in a garden, they become more than functional; there’s the promise of a big reveal, or an unexpected view. or the mystery of what’s around the corner……. So I love making more of an entrance, through the addition […]

Shady retreats…

I’m often asked to design for areas that don’t get full sun. Turning an unloved empty space into a shady retreat is very satisfying, and it’s amazing how a dank corner can be transformed with a positive attitude and the right plants…. My own garden in the woods: My garden, which is surrounded by woodland, […]

Party season…

Just when you thought the performance was over, there’s been a spectacular season finale, with plenty of plants giving a last blast of fiery colour. These pics were all taken within in the last week – and go to prove that a bit of foresight and planning can give you a show that goes on and on….    

Town planning…..

Here’s a town garden I designed in Exmouth earlier this year. The client is busy working full time and wanted a low-to-no maintenance outside space to entertain friends and soak up the sun. The garden was on a slope with no level space for a table and chairs. The first step was to create two decked seating areas, to catch […]

Border patrols

Just to prove I’m not always about gravel and spiky plants, here are some mixed borders I’ve been working on in Lyme Regis and Farway, looking lovely in the sunshine. It can be tricky getting the right balance of successional planting – making sure there is something blooming from Spring through to Autumn. Sometimes it can take two […]