A room with a view….

A house with a sea view is a wonderful thing. But an open aspect like this can also present some challenges. Like how to cope with coastal winds…and prying eyes.

The garden had suffered a battering from the recent house renovation works, and needed an overhaul. The existing layout and rustic walling was kept, but new patio, paths, planting and lawn  were needed.

Illustration of planting at semi-maturity

I was asked to create a planting scheme to fit with the existing rustic pebble bank, and the contemporary look of the house – but also one that would cope with the very open, easterly aspect and salt-laden winds.

Planting plan…

A specific requirement was to create some privacy from the public walkway below the garden – but conversely, we didn’t want to block the view from the patio to the sea.

I used plants with height such Juniper and Miscanthus, strategically placed to obscure line of sight from path to window, while Stipas and Euphorbia fill out with mid-height growth in the summer. In time all these will grow up and obscure the garden from the pathway – a softer and more sympathetic alternative to hard screening.

Hard landscaping by the talented Noel Jacks Landscaping,who certainly felt the effects of the open easterly aspect last January!


2 thoughts on “A room with a view….

  1. Love it Alice … you are a green fingered goddess !!

  2. Looks like lots of hard preparation with a beautiful result to compliment the handsome house! Roll on that sunshine….! Well done all, Lucy

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