Dolling up a car park….

A planting scheme for car-park margins around a care home and new residential development on the edge of Lyme, completed last autumn.


There’s alot of car park….

There’s just nowhere to park…
…..we’ll never find a space

…and yet more

6 thoughts on “Dolling up a car park….

  1. Lovely scheme, Alice, very calming.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed the deer won’t eat it all..!

  2. Great improvement! Lovely and tidy Alice. Would be nice to see it in a year please….Lucy x

  3. Dear Alice, This was sent to my old email address. It is possible, nay, even probable that you have neglected to update your garden-site addresses ???? Yes, it does make a difference, the car park, though almost anything would have !

    Love – Dad.

  4. Brilliant once again, well done Alice, what a transformation.

  5. Brilliant once again, well done Alice, what a fantastic job.

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